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2019 Black Power

The current economic condition of the Black American community is in critical condition. Challenged by police brutality, poverty, economic instability, domestic terrorism and systemic racism the Black American community has been unable to craft an effective action plan to counteract these negative forces. In crafting an action plan, Group Economics within the Black American community would be the first bullet point.

A guide to the Black Power movement in 2019: Here are 25 things you can do to practice group economics in 2019.

  • Produce A Product

  • Produce A Service

  • Outsource Tasks To a Member of the Community

  • Open An Online Store or Open A Brick And Mortar Store

  • Host Community Events & Create Community Gardens

  • Use Black Business Directories

  • Be patient with your people

  • Start Making And Selling Your Own Clothes And Accessories

  • Source Black Produced Products

  • Start Or Join A Black Investment Club

  • Find And Join A Black Bank

  • Crowd-fund To Raise Capital

  • Build A Barter System Within Your Community

  • Change Your Buying Habits

  • Vote With Your Dollars

  • Create Trust Funds For Your Children Or Endowments For Organizations

  • Fight For Reparations

  • Build A Cooperative

  • Hire Black

  • Learn The Fundamentals of Economics, Entrepreneurship, and Finance

  • Join Or Create A Black Buying Cooperative

  • Refer A Black Business To Someone Else

  • Buy Black But Sell To Anyone

  • Improve Your Financial IQ

  • Approach Group Economics With Hustle And Persistence