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2019 Black Power

The current economic condition of the Black American community is in critical condition. Challenged by police brutality, poverty, economic instability, domestic terrorism and systemic racism the Black American community has been unable to craft an effective action plan to counteract these negative forces. In crafting an action plan, Group Economics within the Black American community would be the first bullet point.

A guide to the Black Power movement in 2019: Here are 25 things you can do to practice group economics in 2019.

  • Produce A Product

  • Produce A Service

  • Outsource Tasks To a Member of the Community

  • Open An Online Store or Open A Brick And Mortar Store

  • Host Community Events & Create Community Gardens

  • Use Black Business Directories

  • Be patient with your people

  • Start Making And Selling Your Own Clothes And Accessories

  • Source Black Produced Products

  • Start Or Join A Black Investment Club

  • Find And Join A Black Bank

  • Crowd-fund To Raise Capital

  • Build A Barter System Within Your Community

  • Change Your Buying Habits

  • Vote With Your Dollars

  • Create Trust Funds For Your Children Or Endowments For Organizations

  • Fight For Reparations

  • Build A Cooperative

  • Hire Black

  • Learn The Fundamentals of Economics, Entrepreneurship, and Finance

  • Join Or Create A Black Buying Cooperative

  • Refer A Black Business To Someone Else

  • Buy Black But Sell To Anyone

  • Improve Your Financial IQ

  • Approach Group Economics With Hustle And Persistence

2019 Black travelers

Been wanting to tatt your passport up? Hold on, do you even have your passport yet? Traveling is easier now more than ever with the access of constant advancing technology and different ways to maximize our experiences for a minimal amount of money. After all, when you get there you want to have money to bring stuff back for yourself, your parents, siblings, nieces and nephews. However, for the black travel virgin, often times we hinder our experiences waiting on friends or lack the knowledge on how to plan a destination excursion. Well, Travel Noire provides great guides on where and how to plan your trip based on seasonal, featured, and even requested destinations. This is a great introduction for the first time and/or seasoned traveler. Read and explore more here:

Chris Brown, Masters!
Chris brown inks new deal in 2019

If you haven’t been hearing this conversation buzz regarding the current King of R&B, it’s time for you to come from under that rock. That being said, there’s no way you can mention R&B and its pioneers without mentioning Chris Brown and what he’s done for this genre we all love. 
In the last 48 hours, it has been announced that Breezy started his 2019 by inking a new deal with his label, RCA, allowing him to own his master recordings—making him one of the youngest musicians to ever endorse such a deal. “This new deal structure between Brown and RCA Records will undoubtedly enhance the release of new Chris Brown music, content, and much more throughout 2019 and beyond.” [via @Complex]
So again, when we talk about Kings, there’s more that has to be done and time that has to be put in order to wear the crown. We’re not saying Breezy is ultimately the King of R&B, but check his stats, then look at back to yours.

Cali HBCU 2018

6th Annual Cali HBCU & Greek Reunion (2018)

HBCU Black Excellence

HBCU Black Excellence

Over this past weekend, Loma Alta Park in Altadena, CA served host to the 6th Annual Cali HBCU & Greek Reunion. The park was full of tents representing different HBCU’s and Divine 9 Greek organizations; food and dessert trucks, apparel boutiques, a DJ, good music, and great vibes! Nicole Ford, an alumna of Bethune-Cookman University and member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. is the organizer of the event where it has grown tremendously since 2012.


HBCU Black Excellence

HBCU Black Excellence

Tuskegee, Morehouse, Clark-Atlanta, Spelman, Grambling State, Florida A&M, Bethune-Cookman, and many more HBCU’s were represented. Towards the back half of the event, each Greek organization got a chance to exhibition in a “stroll off.” It felt good to be around our people having a genuine good time with each other. No hate. No judgement. Just love. From the friendly school rivalries, to the game of musical chairs, to the epic signature “Swag Surf” to close out the evening, this was truly the best reunion to date. 


The overall outcome of this event was great! Considering our nation’s current and blatant racial divide, it gave us a sense of power in culture and togetherness. It truly showed that when we all get together for one cause, the atmosphere can’t help but to shift in our favor. 

Black Panther BTS

Records have already been broken for new "black buster" cinema, Black Panther.  February 16th has been long awaited by millions; the black superhero movie is finally here!  Behind this action packed cinema is the real superhero, director and co-writer, Ryan Coogler.


Coogler is noted for his most recent work on 2015 award-winning film, Creed. We feel it is important to highlight Coogler for Black Panther considering the memories he will help create for both children and adults.  I'm sure you can recall your favorite superhero(s) growing up.  You had the action figures, the wall paper, the bed spread, the movies, comic books, you name it!  The nostalgic experience for adults who used to read comic books about the Black Panther, I'm sure will be beyond excited as this will be the first time this Marvel character has been brought to life.

This is a call to action to keep the rally going!  Let's blow the record books back and support this great director and this awesome cast of kings and queens! More Black History will be made. Shoutout to Black Excellence!