Chris Brown, Masters!

Chris brown inks new deal in 2019

If you haven’t been hearing this conversation buzz regarding the current King of R&B, it’s time for you to come from under that rock. That being said, there’s no way you can mention R&B and its pioneers without mentioning Chris Brown and what he’s done for this genre we all love. 
In the last 48 hours, it has been announced that Breezy started his 2019 by inking a new deal with his label, RCA, allowing him to own his master recordings—making him one of the youngest musicians to ever endorse such a deal. “This new deal structure between Brown and RCA Records will undoubtedly enhance the release of new Chris Brown music, content, and much more throughout 2019 and beyond.” [via @Complex]
So again, when we talk about Kings, there’s more that has to be done and time that has to be put in order to wear the crown. We’re not saying Breezy is ultimately the King of R&B, but check his stats, then look at back to yours.