Black Panther BTS


Records have already been broken for new "black buster" cinema, Black Panther.  February 16th has been long awaited by millions; the black superhero movie is finally here!  Behind this action packed cinema is the real superhero, director and co-writer, Ryan Coogler.


Coogler is noted for his most recent work on 2015 award-winning film, Creed. We feel it is important to highlight Coogler for Black Panther considering the memories he will help create for both children and adults.  I'm sure you can recall your favorite superhero(s) growing up.  You had the action figures, the wall paper, the bed spread, the movies, comic books, you name it!  The nostalgic experience for adults who used to read comic books about the Black Panther, I'm sure will be beyond excited as this will be the first time this Marvel character has been brought to life.

This is a call to action to keep the rally going!  Let's blow the record books back and support this great director and this awesome cast of kings and queens! More Black History will be made. Shoutout to Black Excellence!