Carolina Black Panthers?


It is no secret that this year alone has been one of the most racially intensified of the last decade. Every day it seems as soon as we turn on the news, scroll through Instagram and Facebook, there is another blatant injustice going unserved. White privilege has been exemplified to the utmost to where now even if recorded proof is displayed, it is STILL swept under the rug.

Colin Kaepernick has been a if not THEE significant instrument behind bringing justice to the black men, women, boys and girls whose lives were lost to that of inexcusable and irresponsible force used by those who are supposed to protect and serve our communities.  While this continues to be the main issue at hand, we also know that the NFL has faced some backlash and even boycotts over the black balling of Colin Kaepernick and other players who have also supported in solidarity to the cause.  

Sunday, December 17th, music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs took to his Instagram page to express firm interest in purchasing NFL franchise, Carolina Panthers. His decision was immediately supported by Colin Kaepernick and NBA star, Stephen Curry via Twitter, stating they each “want in!”  The news spread like wild fire and soon other celebrities hopped on board and continue to push for Diddy to become the NFL’s first BLACK owner. 


Of course there’s always a hater to deter your dreams [message]— KRON4 reporters Henry Wofford and Darya Folsom took to a segment during their broadcast to laugh and belittle Mr. Combs. Wofford questioned the legitimacy of Diddy’s video, saying he looks like he had been “drinking 40’s and smoking a blunt.”  He went on to make the comment that Diddy should stay in his lane. While Wofford was making comments off screen you could see journalist Darya Folcom laughing and encouraging his nonsense.

This is not the end. The most hurtful part of this to me is that upon further research, I found that Mr. Henry Wofford is also BLACK. Let that sink in.  A black man tearing down another black man with AND in front of a white audience.

Since then, Wofford and Folcom have offered apologies, but really, come on—is it really sincere or for the sake of saving that check?  I can say I’m thoroughly disappointed more in Wofford. In current days where our people are literally being killed in front of us and nothing is done, how is it ok to discourage the black man?  Furthermore, you stereotyped a man who more than likely can pay your salary 10 times over, buy the network, and become your boss!

However, we at TBA would like to thank you for fueling this fire for us to stand behind Diddy and push this action forward until he becomes the owner!  Then when he does, we’ll be sure to sponsor some tickets for the network. With Colin at his side, we can’t wait to see the faces of owners once he claims his seat at the table. From player—to black balled—to owner. Whose story is more historic than that?