Would you believe in what you believe in if you were the only one who believed it? 



We (The Black App, LLC.) are creating an avenue, solely for black owned businesses to share, grow, and develop for the sake of all cultures.  What platform destination do you go to when looking for a black business index?  What if we told you that you could learn where to recycle your black dollar for your every day needs while learning of the most recent news and events in the black community.  Our unique delivery satisfies the pallette of those in search of business, political, economical, and leisure content.  A well balanced diet keeps a body healthy, so we will remain true to maintaining adequate and accurate information.  There are literally no limits to what we want to be able to provide for the black community.  We are here to conquer obstacles of working together for the greater good.  We are here to unite the culture.  We are here to tell the truth.  We are made with purpose.



Made with purpose is not just a phrase we claim, but rather a creed branded within us.  We will be the official platform outlet that provides the neccessary information regarding business, politics, police, and overall group economics within the black community.  Recognizing the strength in recycling the black dollar within our community will serve as one of keys to open the doors to economic progression.  Many times opportunities are missed because of the lack of knowledge or the subsiding to what another may tell you.  Yes, we want to point you in the right direction when looking for businesses, but that's not our only goal.  We want to provide a user experience that calls for this platform to be a neccessity to your daily regimen.  Technology runs our lives and the majority of public information received comes from the convenience of looking at your smartphone.  Every second of the day someone's head is burined into their phone; checking Instagram, snap chatting, tweeting, blogging, etc.  Somewhere in launching these applications, The Black App will be amongst your daily social media diet.      


We will chase continuous growth and do our part to ensure the black community is aware of what and who we are.


We are a powerful people.  Black-owned businesses create one-million jobs which is enough to employ 4% of the working-age black population.


We are a beautiful people.  The black culture is the most imitated race in the world; from fashion, to music, to sports, and beyond.


We are made with purpose.  Practicing and teaching self efficiency is key, but for now we need to know and understand our basic laws and civil rights for our defense.


Ready to help?